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The country‘s largest independent retailer and wholesaler of fine wine and liquor.

We started in 2016 by opening a small store in Bukoto, today we operate four (4) superstores across Uganda and continue to grow. Betimo Liquor Store is a community oriented and internationally focused brand. We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and we strive to have something for everyone.

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Betimo Mobile Bar

Betimo Mobile Bar-solution offers outside catering with love, we have inculcated ourselves into the Ugandan culture, which enables us to provide prolific and unique products and solutions.

Drinks are an integral part of any occasion, celebration, event. Your beverage selection and serving mode could thus make or break your event. We pride ourselves in our professionalism, and have garnered a strong local and international clientele since conception.

Based on our locally and internationally acquired skills built over the years, we provide our clients with priceless insight into the art of running global standard bars and drinks service. Be it for long or short term projects, partner with Betimo and broaden your horizons on the amazing things a professionally run bar can offer! We are known for maximizing our potential and are not geographically limited. So Book for all your cover variants occasion such as, Debut, Weddings, House Parties, Children’s Party, Parties to Corporate Events and even other celebration you’ve wanted.We believe in delivering on your dreams and thrive on challenges.