We offer the following services.

  • Accommodation
  • Restaurant
  • In-store pickup
  • Wholesale and retail supply
  • Mobile bar
  • Door-to-door wines and liquor delivery

Jinja Restaurant

Our Jinja Restaurant has been described as one of the most exciting and innovative chefs of this generation, the Chef is passionate for cooking and it really does radiate from within.

Betimo Restaurant has 8 well-appointed bars and restaurants. Guests looking for a luxury dining restaurant can choose from our traditional, open-air dining spaces, Grill and the charming Bar. Unique amongst the accommodation, some of our dining spaces offers breath-taking views and is surrounded by fragrant, tropical blooming trees, and is melodious with the sound of waves, monkeys and birds at a flight.

Guests can experience fine European, African and Indian cuisine, be entertained by authentic Ugandan music and dance, and unwind in the romantic, paradise accommodation. As well as our luxury dining restaurants, the resort offers private, candlelit dinners for two under the stars and can enjoy a specially curated menu, designed in collaboration with our master chefs, accompanied by soft, traditional Ugandan instruments.

Indoor Dining

Fine dining from the comfort of your room.When you’re feeling peckish in the wee hours and need a light snack or a full meal, rest assured that our 24hr in-room dining caters to your needs at any time.You will be delighted to lift the silver cloche to find that the culinary offering has the same impeccable taste and garnish as found in any of our world-class restaurants.Go on and enjoy a bite in the calm and privacy of your abode.

Betimo Bar

The bar is unique in its own right in that it offers light snacks, sandwiches, local and imported liquor,wine,beers and cocktails.

Door to Door Delivery

Let the drinks come to you. Beer, wine and liquor delivered in under one hour. This is how!

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